Years & Years launch new crypto-currency

Mine enough YearCoins to get a 'Palo Santo' ID card

Years & Years have launched a new crypto-currency ahead of releasing their second album ‘Palo Santo’ on July 6.

The album itself is set within a genderless sci-fi Utopia. The band have now set up an entire currency for the fictional world, too. “Humans are a rare commodity in the android community of Palo Santo.” reads the crypto-currency’s website. “There is a small human rebellion being coordinated through illegal encrypted online communications and is funded by the cryptocurrency, YearCoin.”

Users can ‘mine’ YearCoins by completing certain tasks such as listening to recent single ‘Sanctify’ on Spotify, pre-ordering ‘Palo Santo’,  or sharing the crypto-currency online. Collect 1000 Year Coins to get a ‘Palo Santo’ ID card.


Years & Years returned earlier this year with comeback single ‘Sanctify’, and followed it with with the equally massive ‘If You’re Over Me’.

The long-awaited follow-up to their debut album ‘Communion’ also includes songs such as ‘All For You’, ‘Karma’ and ‘Lucky Escape’.

A press release states that “on ‘Palo Santo’, Years & Years’ impact on pop feels truly tribal, one in which the minority is always the majority, and everyone is welcome.”

It also says that the band have created “the perfect space in which to tell their most intimate, personal stories; on identity, sexuality, performance, and ultimately, what it means to be human”.