Years & Years’ Olly Alexander promotes HIV awareness during national testing week

Alexander is currently starring in 'It's A Sin', a miniseries focused on the LGBTQ community during the HIV epidemic

Years & Years singer and It’s A Sin actor Olly Alexander has promoted STI testing in light of National HIV Testing Week commencing yesterday (February 1).

Drawing on comparisons and differences between the ’80s setting of It’s A Sin and today, Alexander pointed out that major scientific advances have been made in preventing the spread of HIV and treat people who are HIV-positive.

“There has been amazing progress in the fight against this virus thanks to the early activists who fought for research, for funding, for humanity,” he said in an Instagram video.


“This means today we have PrEP, a pill that you can take to stop you contracting HIV. We have effective medication that stops you getting sick if you are HIV-positive, and stops you from passing it on to any partners.”

Alexander also promoted the Terrence Higgins Trust, a UK HIV and sexual health charity, and promoted the free HIV testing services available in England.

“Charities like Terence Higgins Trust are there to support you with whatever you need, whatever your result. So, let’s celebrate this amazing progress by taking a test and knowing our status.”

It’s A Sin is currently being aired on Channel 4. The five-part miniseries was given a five-star review from NME upon its premiere.


“By telling this story through the eyes of warm, flawed and sometimes frustrating characters you’ll care about, it offers a heartbreaking reminder of the countless lives claimed by HIV/AIDS.”

As part of the series’ soundtrack, Alexander and Years & Years covered Pet Shop Boys’ track of the same name.