Years & Years’ Olly Alexander was ‘the most starstruck he’s ever been’ when meeting Liam Gallagher

He also discusses his 'obsession' with Spice Girls

Years & Years frontman Olly Alexander has spoken out about the impact that Oasis and Spice Girls had on his young life – and the surreal experience of a recent meeting with Liam Gallagher.

Alexander was speaking to Matt Wilkinson about his ‘5 Best Songs’ for Beats 1, when he looked back on the music that shaped him when growing up.

“Oasis were so massive, my brother was really into them and also the Spice Girls – I was really obsessed with the Spice Girls,” he said. “That was just what was going into my brain at that time and I remember I met Liam Gallagher fairly recently, a couple of years ago, and I was probably the most starstruck I have ever been because they were so massive from when I was such a baby, you know?


“That I was just kinda shaking when I was talking to him, I was like, ‘Hi….’ It’s funny how things stay with you like that. Like I wouldn’t necessarily say I’m like the biggest Oasis fan but meeting him I was just like, actually, you’ve left an impact on me.”

Speaking of his ‘obsession’ with Spice Girls, Alexander continued: “When they first came out and exploded, it was actually really a short amount of time they were around, like 3 or 4 years? And I was at the age when I wasn’t thinking too much about how a boy liking Spice Girls, if that was a thing or considered too effeminate or too gay, whatever. Because I was so young, I loved it! But then I got a few years older and realised that liking the Spice Girls wasn’t technically considered very cool or very good, like at school and stuff…”

He added: “They’ve had a huge impact on my life because I sort of loved them, then pretended I didn’t and then it’s taken me however many years to come back round and be like, ‘no you know what, I love the Spice Girls!'”

Years & Years’ acclaimed new album ‘Palo Santo‘ is out now. The band’s upcoming UK and Ireland tour dates are below, with tickets on sale here.


Thu September 27 2018 – KINGSTON UPON THAMES New Slang
Wed November 28 2018 – GLASGOW SSE Hydro
Thu November 29 2018 – MANCHESTER O2 Apollo
Fri November 30 2018 – BIRMINGHAM Arena Birmingham
Sun December 02 2018 – MANCHESTER O2 Apollo
Tue December 04 2018 – BRIGHTON Centre
Wed December 05 2018 – LONDON O2
Sat December 22 2018 – DUBLIN Olympia Theatre
Mon January 21 2019 – DUBLIN Olympia Theatre
Tue January 22 2019 – DUBLIN Olympia Theatre