Yeasayer working on ‘demented R&B’ album

The follow-up to 'Odd Blood' has a David Bowie vibe

Yeasayer are working on their new album, and have said fans can expect an unusual mix of influences.

Talking to Spin, they said that the follow-up to 2010’s ‘Odd Blood’ album is shaping up to be “like a demented R&B record.”

Singer and keyboardist Chris Keating went on:

It’s like an Aaliyah album if you played it backwards and slowed it down. Or David Bowie’s ‘Lodger’. Those two are major influences.

The band have been working on the as-yet-untitled record in Brooklyn, and with 22 tracks recorded so far they’re keen to keep evolving. Keating added: “I don’t want to retread any ground. So if it sounds too much like something we’ve done in the past, we don’t do it.”

One of the ways they’re keeping things fresh is by looking for interesting stories to write about. The track ‘Henrietta’ is about Henrietta Lacks, a Baltimore woman who had a rare form of cancer which meant her tumours and cells continued to grow after she died in 1951.

Keating explained: “Her tumors were somehow used in the polio vaccine, too, so basically this woman’s cells still exist,” says Keating. “It’s an interesting story. So we turned it into a dubbed-out pseudo-science-fiction song.”