Yeasayer: ‘Our songs are so complex we wish we were machines to play them live’ – video

Band speak about challenges of performing their material

Yeasayer have admitted that they sometimes regret how complex their songs are to play live.

In an interview with NME.COM you can watch on the right now, the band said they find the wide range of sounds and influences they incorporate into their music both a hindrance and plus point.

“What makes our songs distinctive is the sounds we produce,” the band’s Anand Wilder said, before bassist Ira Wolf Tuton added: “The challenging thing is to walk that line of playing along [live] with machines, but also having that human side of it and have it meet somewhere in the middle – not going too far off in either direction.”


Wilder then joked that the band might have to look to science for the answer.

He commented: “Ideally we wish we could all just take a pill that would turn us into machines so we could play it perfectly. At least I would!”

Watch the complete interview with Yeasayer, which also features them talking about playing UK festivals this summer, on the right of your screen now.