Yelawolf rips into Machine Gun Kelly, G-Eazy and ‘appropriation thief’ Post Malone in new freestyle

The rapper is signed to Shady Records

Yelawolf has taken aim at Machine Gun Kelly, G-Eazy and Post Malone in his new ‘Bloody Sunday’ freestyle.

The rapper, who is signed to Eminem‘s record label Shady Records, dissed all three artists in a clip you can watch below.

Taking aim at G-Eazy, he raps: “Hold up, G … easy/I can’t let this Tom Cruise lookin’ motherfucker just paddle by/Don’t know if I’m watching Vanilla Ice or Vanilla Sky/Marshall Mathers may have ignored you/But if you want the smoke, bring the foil/I’ll boil you till the kettle’s dry,”.


He then turns his attention to Post Malone adding: “Who else? I would diss Post Malone but he don’t even rap/Fuck it, fuck Post Malone, just because, let’s see if he answers back/All that change, tits, and funk chill bill, and the cowboy boots and hats/Damn Post, why can’t we be friends? Our clothes already match/Poser, biter, appropriation thief, give a fuck how many records you sold.”

Elsewhere, he takes aim at Machine Gun Kelly, who has been involved with an ongoing feud with Eminem, with the latter most recently calling MGK a “cocksucker” on stage in response to fans asking him to play diss track ‘Killshot’.

Threw a middle finger out the window when I wave/Trunk Muzik III bruh, you gon’ know how I feel about MGK,” Yelawolf says.

Meanwhile, Machine Gun Kelly announced in December he had scrapped all the material from his upcoming album and was restarting the record from scratch. He is also set to play drummer Tommy Lee in the upcoming Motley Crüe biopic, The Dirt, and will feature on a new track by the band for the soundtrack.