Yes: ‘Jon Anderson will be back’

Chris Squire says the singer will return if he is well

YesChris Squire has attempted to smooth over the dispute between singer Jon Anderson and the rest of the band members, saying the resting frontman will return to the fold when well.

Yes have replaced Jon Anderson with tribute singer Benoit David for their forthcoming tour, set to begin in Ontario, Canada on November 4.

Jon Anderson said he was “disappointed and disrespected” at being replaced.

Squire has since told Billboard that Anderson will return to the line-up in 2009 if he recovers from his troubles with asthma.

“Unfortunately Jon has had these health problems for the last few years,” he said. “We’ve had to be very respectful of the fact he’s not been well and he’s been in and out of the hospital having quite a few major procedures.

“If Jon is well again next year, he’ll be back.”