YG breaks reported $60,000 contract by performing ‘Fuck Donald Trump’ at college show

The Compton rapper has regularly caused a stir with his 2016 single, which was initially released when Trump was the Republican nominee

YG reportedly violated the terms of a $60,000 performing contract by playing his controversial single ‘Fuck Donald Trump‘ (‘FDT’) during a college show in the US.

The Compton rapper’s notorious March 2016 track, which was released when the now-President was the Republican nominee for the White House, is taken from his album ‘Still Brazy’. The protest song’s accompanying video was reportedly shut down by police the month after its release, with authorities claiming that they didn’t realise that the large crowd who had gathered were part of the video shoot.

Despite Trump now being in office, YG has continued his protest against the President by making ‘FDT’ a near-permanent staple of his live set. It has now been reported that San Diego State University booked the rapper to perform on Friday (March 3) under the condition that he wouldn’t play the controversial song, with the demand being an integral condition of a performing contract worth an apparent $60,000 (£48,800).


Attendees at the concert have, however, reported on social media that YG broke his contract by indeed performing ‘FDT’, meaning that the rapper would have forfeited his appearance fee.


Last month, hackers took control of broadcasting signals on a number of local radio stations in the US, forcing them to play ‘Fuck Donald Trump’ on a loop.


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