Yoko opens up over Macca rift

Olive branch offered...

Yoko Ono will set the record straight over recent rumours of a public spat with Paul McCartney in a special documentary charting the intimate story of her life with John Lennon tonight (November 9).

Ono breaks her silence over the rumoured rift to presenter Jayne Middlemiss on the Orange Playlist show.

“I think our relationship is very good now,” Ono says. “When we need to speak, we speak. There are always Beatle family gatherings where everyone gets together so we often see each other at those things.


“Most recently we all met up after George Harrison’s passing, we got together and had a tea party of sorts. We watched the film that Olivia, George’s wife, had made and all of us were there. People like to picture Paul and I in a boxing ring, squaring up to each other, feuding all the time, otherwise it’s not exciting or interesting for them.

“People need light hearted topics like me and Paul fighting to escape all the horror of the world, but it’s not true anymore.

“I’m sure that the next time we see each other it’ll be fine. We have clashed many times in the past. But I do respect Paul now. I respect him for having been John’s partner and he now respects me for being John’s wife. We have respect for each other now and we’ve each accepted each other’s place in John’s life.”

Throughout the programme Ono gives an honest and emotional account of Lennon‘s life and the music that shaped it.

She also names her five all time favourite tracks for the first time with ‘Imagine’ topping her list.

On the track she says: “When I first heard the finished version of this song I was in a room in Ascot in England with John and my first thoughts were that it would be a hit! The lyrics were just so beautiful. We both liked the song a lot but we honestly didn’t realise it would turn into the powerful song it has, all over the world. We didn’t realise it would be that big. We just did it because we believed in the words and it just reflected how we were feeling.”


Even Liam Gallagher gets a mention on the show.

She added: “I love that people do covers of John’s tracks. I’m very grateful to the artists for carrying on John’s music and his message. I think it’s very sweet that Liam Gallagher was so influenced by John and wants to carry his memory on his own music. I know people have commented that they look alike but I wouldn’t say that Liam looks like John, but it’s still very sweet that he wants to carry on John’s spirit.”

For the full interview tune into ITV1 at 11.50pm or catch a repeat of the show on ITV2 at 5.30pm on November 12.