The artist launches rock for peace…

Yoko Ono has proposed that a ‘PEACE OBELISK’ be erected in REYKJAVIK, ICELAND.

The obelisk will be filled with all of the wishes that people have tied to the ‘Wish Tree’ – a piece of artwork that Yoko Ono has exhibited across the world over the past decade.

She has saved the messages collected so far and is asking people to send more messages to be added to the new project.

The words ‘Imagine all the people living life in peace’ (taken from late husband John Lennon’s ‘Imagine’) and ‘A Dream You Dream Together Is Reality’ (from Yoko Ono’s ‘Grapefruit’) will be carved into the outside of the obelisk in many languages.

Yoko Ono said of the project: “This is the time there is a race between the people of the world: the ones who yearn for peace and the ones who believe in destruction. It is a time when we must ask all our politicians to rethink their strategies, and use the power of negotiation rather than the power of destruction to solve matters concerning the future of humanity and our planet.”

The artist proposed that the ‘Peace Obelisk’ be erected in Iceland, because of the country’s location between the continents of Europe and America.

Through Reykjavik Art Museum and in consultation with Yoko Ono, work is underway for the design of the ‘Peace Obelisk’ and the selection of the site for the work within the city. The obelisk is aimed to be finished in 2005.

Yoko Ono added: “We can still make our choice to heal our planet and, together, enjoy its health and beauty for many centuries to come. Send your prayers and your vote for life, to the Peace Obelisk in Iceland.”