The widow of John Lennon continues her quest for peace...

Yoko Ono is urging the US not to go to war by booking a series of ads in major newspapers across the country.

Yoko Ono, 70, has placed full-page adverts reading ‘Imagine Peace… Spring 2003’ in reference to John Lennon‘s 1971 peace anthem.

The San Francisco Chronicle said that Yoko Onospent $42,000 (£26,750) on the advertisement that appeared in the paper on Wednesday (March 12). The Los Angeles Times, the LA Weekly and the Village Voice have all run the ad, and it is due to appear in the Washington Post this weekend.

In a letter to the Chronicle, Yoko Ono said that she began her pro-peace ad campaign “after the song ‘Imagine’ was censored by the Clear Channel people.” This referred to the internal do-not-play list allegedly circulated to the broadcasting company’s staff after September 11 and eventually leaked to the press.

She is working on the project alone. “I just did it myself,” she said. “That way, there’s no red tape, no waiting period for approval of other people or organisations.”

The ad-campaign is a stark contrast to the bed-in for peace that Yoko Ono and John Lennonstaged in May 1969. She added, “All of us, the members of the human race, are responsible for our fate in the future. We do what we can do. . . Everything you think and do affects our world. If you are in peace, you are already part of the peaceful world.”