The widow of John Lennon makes her contribution on the anniversary of the terrorist attacks...

YOKO ONO has teamed up with director TOM CARTY to record a short film promoting world peace to be aired tomorrow (September 11).

Carty was inspired to make the film by John Lennon and Yoko Ono’s peace campaigns and her ‘Ceiling Painting 1966’ from her 1966 ‘Unfinished Paintings and Objects’ exhibition at the Indica Gallery in London.

The film, which will be aired on MTV and VH-1 from the anniversary of the terrorist attacks in New York and Washington (September 11), starts with the viewer travelling down a dark corridor, over which a title appears – ‘Sep 11, 2002’.

The camera, is said to represent the “eyes of the world”, eventually reaching a door with light coming it. Ono opens the door, through an instillation and towards a magnifying glass, where ‘give peace a chance’ is written. The Plastic Ono Band’s single ‘Give Peace A Chance’ provides the soundtrack.

In a statement, Ono said: “Tom Carty asked me to do this project when I was in Venice. I dropped everything and went to London especially to do it. Like all of us, I’d like to see the human race survive, living in health and in love with each other. Remember our hearts are one. Let’s create peace, unity and light. I think John Lennon’s words are needed just as much now as when they were written – ‘Imagine all the people living life in peace’, and ‘GIVE PEACE A CHANCE!’”.