£12,400 Yoko Ono-inscribed rock stolen from Toronto museum

The piece had been part of Ono's interactive installation 'Yoko Ono: The Riverbed', with the rock in question bearing the words "love yourself"

A rock signed by Yoko Ono which has been valued at £12,400 ($17,500) has been stolen from her current exhibition at a Toronto museum.

The piece – which bears the words ‘Love yourself’ on it, written by Ono herself – formed part of the artist’s interactive installation at the Canadian city’s Gardiner Museum. ‘Yoko Ono: The Riverbed‘ includes stones taken by Ono which have been worn by water and time, with the artist writing small messages on each.

Although visitors to the installation are encouraged to “pick up a stone and hold it, concentrating on the word, and then placing the stone upon the pile of other stones in the centre of the room”, one woman has gone a step too far by allegedly stealing one of the rocks from the exhibit.

According to The Toronto Star, police are searching for the woman after she allegedly picked up the ‘Love yourself’ rock and walked away with it on March 12.

The woman who police want to question is “described as 55-60 years of age, and standing approximately 5’4″. She was wearing a black coat, red scarf with black stripes, black pants, black hat and black shoes.”

Back in January, Yoko Ono welcomed the news that Ringo Starr had received a knighthood by sharing her message of congratulations to the Beatle on her Twitter account.