You can buy the private Bahamas island used in Fyre Festival’s promo videos

If you have a spare £9 million....

The island used to promote Fyre Festival in 2017 is up for sale.

Saddleback Cay is now officially on sale through Bahamas realtor HG Christie for $11.8 million (£9.3 million).

Organisers of Fyre Festival, the fraudulent, failed 2017 event in the Bahamas that led to the imprisonment of its co-founder and a shocking tell-all Netflix documentary,  used the 35-acre island to sell a “luxury” experience by hiring models including Bella Hadid and Hailey Bieber to pose on beaches.

Fyre Festival itself was held on Great Exuma and, contrary to what the festival’s co-founders Billy McFarland and Ja Rule claimed, did not formerly belong to Mexican drug lord Pablo Escobar [via Metro].

Part of HG Christie’s listing for Saddleback Cay reads: “With over 90 feet of elevation, it has a commanding 360 degree view from one of the highest points in the Exumas. This guarantees some compelling views over one of the best seascapes in the world!

“Saddleback Cay has seven major and minor beaches, the nicest of which faces the prevailing Southerly Winds. The physical property includes a main house, and several ancillary cottages (guests and servants quarters).”

In other news, McFarland, who is currently incarcerated on a six-year sentence, is reportedly planning a comeback by self-releasing his memoirs.

According to New York Magazine, McFarland has been handwriting his memoirs from prison. His “luxury” Fyre Festival left some fans paying upwards of £1,200 for tickets only to be left stranded on the island in April 2017 with very basic food and makeshift accommodation.

Blink 182 were one of the bands due to play Fyre Festival, but pulled out shortly before when they realised that something was awry.

“It was pretty shocking,” singer and bassist Mark Hoppus told NME of his first viewing of the documentary. “It was shocking but not entirely surprising. We had indications kind of early on that there were problems. Our production crew was having problems getting even the most basic of answers as to staging, power and things that you would normally have well in advance of the show. That being said, us and our crew have always prided ourselves on being able to put on a good show.

“If you give us electricity and a stage then we will do our best to put on a great show. We continued in good faith, the show got closer and closer. Travis [Barker, drums] doesn’t fly so he was going to have to get on a boat for several days to get there then our production crew just said, ‘I don’t think that this is going to happen, I think we should pull out now’. That’s when we issued our statement.”