You Say Party head into the studio to record new songs

The tracks will be their first since drummer Devon Clifford died

You Say Party have returned to the studio for the first time since the death of their drummer, Devon Clifford.

The band, formerly known as You Say Party! We Say Die!, have been recording at Noise Floor studio in Ladysmith, British Columbia.

“We’re currently demoing six songs that we’ve written in the last three months,” bassist Stephen O’Shea told “At this point, we haven’t talked releases. The plan is to write another six and see where we’re at.”

Despite being difficult for the group to head back into the studio following Devon‘s death, O’Shea admitted that working on some new songs has been revitalising.

“With a rock garden in the back, [the] main street just up the hill and the beach a 10-minute walk away,” he explained. “It’s been extremely restoring through the very difficult time of returning to the studio for the first time.”

As for a follow-up to 2009’s ‘XXXX’, the bassist revealed they may release a series of seven-inch singles and an EP, rather than a full album.

“There hasn’t been much talk about full-lengths but instead of seven-inches and possibly an EP,” he said. “With the band on tour in Europe during October, November and December, I wouldn’t expect these to be released until sometime in 2011.”

Last month, the band released a remix album of their 2009 LP ‘XXXX’.

You Say Party will begin a tour of the UK in Brighton on November 30, plus have a one-off London show on October 29.