YouTube music video dispute: negotiations going well

Website chief gives update on video dispute

A YouTube boss has claimed that negotiations are going well between the video site’s chiefs and those at the Performing Rights Society (PRS) after their recent row.

In March it was revealed that premium music videos had been removed from YouTube due to the dispute.

The PRS, which represents music publishers, has been holding out for a better pay deal for artists whose videos are available to watch on the video site.

However, YouTube chiefs said the amounts demanded were vastly more than they were willing to pay, so began removing premium music videos while negotiations took place.

Since the drastic video removing action took place, Patrick Walker, head of video partnerships for the website, said that the PRS was being a “good partner”, and that progress was being made.

“With the labels everything is great. We’re working very hard to come to an arrangement with PRS and we won’t strike a deal unless it makes economic sense,” he told BBC 6music.

He added: “They’ve [the PRS] been a good partner in the negotiations and we’re trying to come up with something that makes sense for everyone involved.

“Ultimately no one wins if the videos stay off the service, so we’re trying to come up with a win-win scenario.”