Young Fathers share bloody ‘Shame’ video – watch

The Mercury Prize winners recently released new album 'White Men Are Black Men Too'

Young Fathers have unveiled a clip for their ‘White Men Are Black Men Too’ track ‘Shame’.

The clip features dancer Joshua Hubbard, who performs a choreographed routine whilst bleeding from his nose and forehead. Watch below.

Earlier this year, the Scottish band released ‘White Men Are Black Men Too’, the follow up to 2014’s Mercury-winning debut LP ‘Dead’.

The Edinburgh trio recently said middle-class bands “have a duty to society” while “working-class bands have been eradicated”. Speaking to NME, the group explained how they held down various jobs in order to keep their musical ambitions alive.

“Middle-class bands are the most content, tasteless cunts around,” band member G Hastings told NME. He added: “They’re so comfy that understanding anything with a bit of bite or grit about it seems like rocking the boat. They’re taking up space. They don’t realise they have a duty to show society a broad spectrum of stuff. Instead all their mates, who should have sold fucking insurance, start a band. Working-class bands have been eradicated.”

“The people in charge don’t want new ideas or change because they don’t know what it spells,” continued Alloysious ‘Ally’ Massaquoi. “It could be the end of their reign. That means TV and radio doesn’t want change. If they were putting out interesting ideas, it would make people realise that change is possible. That’s what we’ve got to do.”

The Scottish group kicked off a massive UK live stint on March 13 in Skelmersdale. The tour ends on June 7 in Liverpool.

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