Day6’s Young K makes solo debut with first mini-album ‘Eternal’

“I wanted to make an album that contained my sincere desire to sing”

Day6’s Young K has made his solo debut with the release of his first-ever mini-album ‘Eternal’, alongside a music video for title track ‘Guard You’.

The record features seven tracks penned and composed by the singer, who is set to enlist in the South Korean military later this October. Last month, Young K revealed that he had been accepted into KATUSA, the Korean Augmentation Troops to the United States Army.

In an accompanying music video for ‘Guard You’, Young K is shown tending to his plants aboard a spaceship while watching a meteor hit Earth. “It won’t leave a single scratch, I’ll hold you / Even if my everything is broken, I’ll guard you”, the singer belts.


During a press conference around the release ‘Eternal’, the artist shared he “wanted to make an album that contained my sincere desire to sing for as long as I can”, he said, as per Soompi. “Since it’s music that I wanted to make, it could have a different musical vibe than what I’d done before.”

“This album has as its basis the thoughts and the mindset that I currently have right now,” he added. “Although I feel a sense of pressure and anxiety about releasing a solo album, I would like it if it could bring comfort in any way to those who listen to it.”

In other related news, Jae Park of Day6 has opened up about his plans for the future when he’s “more out of the K-pop realm”. During a recent Twitter Spaces session, the singer spoke about plans for more solo releases as well as being able to interact with fans more in the coming year.