Young Knives record new single straight to vinyl

Band record acoustic song in one take and send it out for release

Young Knives have recorded a version of their forthcoming single ‘Turn Tail’ directly onto vinyl for a special version of the release.

The band recently recorded an acoustic version of the song at Westbourne Studios in London directly onto vinyl in one take, a process which hasn’t occurred commercially since the 1970s.

The special recording of the song will feature on the seven-inch vinyl format for the single, with the original ‘Turn Tail’ featuring on CD and download releases, which will be in the shops on May 19.

“I think it sounded good,” singer/guitarist Henry Dartnall said of the one-off recording process. “We recorded it in a very dry way and we were suffering a bit from the [recent UK] tour but it was definitely an interesting thing to do. Obviously it is also double geeky, but then that’s Young Knives for you – massive geeks.”