Young Knives, Ash, Stranglers, Roisin Murphy play JD Set

Band members perform collaborations in Tennessee

Young Knives‘ bassist Thomas Dartnell, Ash‘s Tim Wheeler, Roisin Murphy and former Stranglers man Hugh Cornwell performed collaborations last night (October 18) at the Jack Daniel’s Birthday JD Set in Lynchburg, Tennessee, USA.

The acts performed in a barn-style building on the site of the Jack Daniel’s whiskey distillery in front of competition winners, backed by the Silver Cornet Band.

See fan footage of the show by clicking on the video below.


Dartnell, aka The House Of Lords, performed first. He played his band’s songs ‘The Decision’, ‘Turn Tail’ and ‘Long Cool Drinks By The Pool’.

He covered Pixies‘Wave Of Mutilation’, David Byrne‘s ‘Glass And Concrete And Stone’ and was joined by Cornwell for a rendition of The Stranglers‘No More Heroes’.

Dartnell wore a black suit and red shirt and admitted to the crowd that he was nervous about singing without playing the bass, as he usually does in Young Knives.

However, he seemed to enjoy the show, muttering “this is great!” near the end of his set.

Following the bassist’s set Murphy played a show that included a cover of Bryan Ferry‘s ‘Slave To Love’, Tom Waits‘Down In The Hole’ and her own song ‘Scarlett Ribbons’, wearing a military-style blue suit and black top hat.

Wheeler‘s set followed. He played Ash hits ‘Goldfinger’ and ‘Shining Light’ plus covers of Thin Lizzy‘s ‘Running Back’ and Wreckless Eric‘s Whole Wide World’.


Wheeler gave a shout-out to any Irish members of the crowd. He then had a dig at his fellow countrymen, U2. “A lot of people say U2 are the best band in Ireland,” he laughed. “What a load of bullshit!”

The show ended with all the acts crowding onstage to perform a version of the Van Morrison-penned song ‘Gloria’ together.

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