Young Knives name new album

They've also branded some big indie stars 'twats'

Young Knives played new material from their forthcoming second album last night (November 13) at the London Dingwalls venue, and revealed what the LP will be called.

During the gig lead singer Henry Dartnell told the crowd that the album, set for release in March 2008, will be named ‘Super Abundance’.

Before playing new song ‘Up All Night’, Dartnell said, “This is called ‘Up All Night’ – it’s like the Razorlight song but not played by twats,” prompting cheers and laughter from the crowd.


Dartnell also found time to lay into Phil Collins, calling him a “fat, bald, chocolate-eating bastard”, a reference to the Cadbury’s Dairy Milk advert featuring a gorilla drumming to ‘In The Air Tonight’ by Collins.

The band ended their set with a frenetic version of ‘She’s Attracted To’, Dartnell leaping around the stage and foraying into the crowd.

Young Knives played:

‘Here Comes The Rumour Mill’


‘Terra Firma’


‘Up All Night’

‘Turn Tail’

‘The Decision’


‘Loughbrough Suicide’

‘Dying Wool’


‘Hot Summer’

‘Fit For You’

‘She’s Attracted To’