Young Thug might be changing his name

The Atlanta rapper is considering a bizarre name change

Young Thug may be planning to rename himself ahead of the release of his new mixtape.

300 Entertainment founder Lyon Cohen, whose label the rapper is currently signed to, revealed the name change in a recent interview on Rap Radar podcast.

“Young Thug is not going to be Young Thug anymore,” said Cohen. “His new name is gonna be, No My Name Is Jeffery.”


“Please, respect us to actually segue and utilise his name going forward, okay? Because it’s important,” he continued.

Whether the change is permanent or tied to the release of his upcoming ‘Jeffery’ mixtape is unclear. The rapper’s birth name is Jeffery Lamar Williams.

It wouldn’t be the first stunt No My Name Is Jeffery has pulled to publicise a new record.

Earlier this year, he announced a tour by riding through his home city of Atlanta on a horse and promoted his ‘Slime Season 3’ mixtape with a funeral parade at SXSW.

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