Young Thug reigns supreme in the stylised video for new single ‘Tick Tock’

The first single from Young Thug’s new album ‘Punk’, due out in October

Young Thug has shared the first single from his forthcoming second album, ‘Punk’, a punchy, festival-ready banger titled ‘Tick Tock’.

He debuted the track live during a gig for NPR’s Tiny Desk series last month, alongside album cuts ‘Die Slow’, ‘Droppin’ Jewels’ and ‘Hate The Game’.

Though he performed ‘Tick Tock’ as a rock-centric number with a full band to back him, the studio version released yesterday (August 20) sounds more in line with Young Thug’s earlier material, with understated synth leads and bold, thumping percussion. The track also shines with a triumphant horn lead serving as its primary melody.


‘Tick Tock’ arrives alongside a heavily stylised music video, directed by Emil Nava. Take a look at it below:

On the new single, Young Thug – aka Jeffery Williams – boasts about his hot pink Lamborghini (which also features prominently in the film clip), his romantic exploits and his rise to stardom.

He also touches on his origins, rapping: “Talk ’bout the trenches, I came out the trеnches / I came from the roachеs, I came from the riches / I’m from where they call you a rat if you snitchin’ / I came from the same damn street as the pimp is / I’m raised by them junkies, we sleep with them bitches / Young n**** came from nothin’, he’ll give up his kidney.”

‘Punk’ will be released on October 15 through Young Thug’s own label, Young Stoner Life Records. It follows a 2021 compilation album from the label, ‘Slime Language 2’, which Young Thug also appears on.


Back in June, it was announced Young Thug would make his acting debut in Throw It Back, a forthcoming film produced by Paul Heig and Tiffany Haddish.

In April, Young Thug and fellow rapper Gunna posted bail for 30 low-level inmates, who were unable to afford the costs themselves. Footage of the pair doing so was later compiled into a music video for their collaborative track ‘Pay The Fine’.