Young Thug thinks Lil Nas X coming out during Pride month was a “G’s move”

Thumbs up from Thugger

Lil Nas X faced several homophobic abuse from trolls after he made his sexuality public at the end of Pride month. Now, his recent collaborator Young Thug has come forward in support of the country trap prince.

Thug, who jumped on the latest remix of Nas X’s ‘Old Town Road’ last Friday (July 12), has shared a new interview with No Jumper in which he discussed a gamut of topics, from his greatest accomplishments to his rise to the top. The rapper applauded Nas X for coming out, describing the viral star’s reveal during Pride month a “G’s move”. “It was most definitely the best time to do it,” Thugger said.

Though he was proud of the Atlanta up-and-comer, Thugger also thought that perhaps Nas X shouldn’t have been too upfront about his sexuality, “because these days motherfuckers is just all judgement”.


“It ain’t even about the music no more. Soon as [‘Old Town Road’] comes on everybody’s like, ‘This gay ass n***a.’ N***as don’t even care to listen to the song no more,” Young Thug explained.

But Thugger continued to voice his support for the young star, adding: “He’s just a young n***a, chasing dreams. I know how people looked at [my music] when I first came. People like, ‘Damn, who this? This n***a came outta nowhere.’ Now I got 10 mixtapes, buzzing in my hometown.”

“I don’t judge [Lil] Pump, him or nobody. I don’t give a fuck what they rap about. They ain’t got to make sense. They don’t have to rap about their struggle. I just adore what they thinking,” he said.

Elsewhere in the interview, Thugger shared his thoughts on young emcees like Lil Keed, Gunna and Juice WRLD. He also chimed in on Taylor Swift’s fallout with her former label, Big Machine Group, revealing his own “shitty” experience with record labels.

“Shit, my first deal was like $10,000 to $15,000. [But] I didn’t care for money. I just had a plan. That was the difference between me and other artists,” the rapper said. “When I signed with [a] label, I was like, ‘God damn, n***a this the plan, this is what I want from you.’ I just needed the platform. My first deal was shitty, I’ll admit it. [But] I ain’t care about no money, I ain’t care about shit. I just wanted the computer behind me.”


Watch Thugger’s interview in full below:

Nas X, on the other hand, released his ‘7’ EP last month. It included songs like ‘Rodeo’ with Cardi B, and the Nirvana-interpolating track, ‘Panini’.

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