YouTuber creates fake Nirvana song using artificial intelligence

Check out the end result, 'Smother'

A YouTuber has used artificial intelligence to write a fake Nirvana song — you can listen to the end result, ‘Smother’, below.

YouTuber Funk Turkey is behind the creation, having used a similar methodology recently to create fake “new” songs by AC/DC, Metallica and Nickelback.

Funk Turkey explained in ‘Smother”s accompanying description that they used to “scrape the Genius Lyrics database” before utilising a Markov Chain to pen Nirvana-style lyrics.


The YouTuber then performed, mixed and mastered the music and vocals “in my kitchen, on a sparkly red cheap Stratocaster, a crappy mic, and an old copy of ProTools”. You can hear the end result, ‘Smother’, below.

Speaking about programming the drums using ‘Superior Drummer 2’, Funk Turkey added: “I know Dave Grohl hates computer drums but it’s the best thing I got, soooo… Sorry Dave. I still love you.

“Vocals are doubled, slightly compressed, and run though an emulated reel-to-reel and tube saturation for a bit of extra warmth and grit,” the YouTuber added about the recording and mastering process.

“Also [it’s] the first use of my new pop filter that my wife bought me for early father’s day. She’s the best.”


In other Nirvana news, the acoustic guitar Kurt Cobain played during Nirvana‘s 1993 ‘MTV Unplugged in New York’ performance is going up for sale at auction tomorrow (June 19).

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