Yuck announce they’re breaking up: “It wasn’t an easy thing to come to terms with”

The news comes on the 10th anniversary of the band's debut album

Yuck have announced that they’re splitting up, with frontman Max Bloom admitting that it “wasn’t an easy thing to come to terms with”.

Taking to social media earlier today (February 15), on the 10th anniversary of the band’s self-titled, Bloom wrote: “I feel its only right to tell you that we will no longer be touring or making new music together.

“We’ve released 3 albums together and I’m so proud of everything we’ve achieved, but we all felt it was important to know when to draw the line. It wasn’t an easy thing to come to terms with.”


He continued: “I want to thank everyone for their overwhelming support over the years, everyone who came to shows, bought our record, bought our merch, Fat Possum for believing in us and signing a band they had never met or seen live, and our booking agents, press and management for working so hard for us.

Going on to reference the band’s 2013 lineup change, when co-founder and guitarist Daniel Blumberg left the group and was replaced by Ed Hayes, Bloom thanked “everyone who stuck with us”.

“It was extremely difficult thing for me to navigate,” the Yuck co-founder said. “If you remained supportive of the band over the years, please know that it meant more to me than you probably realise.

“This hasn’t been an easy journey for us at all. But our debut album represents something very special to me. There was a special chemistry between myself, Daniel, Jonny and Mariko that I can’t put my finger on, but I believe you can hear it in the music. I hope you can come back to that album in the future and feel the same way that I do when I listen back to it.”

He concluded: “For now though, keep your stick on the ice.”


Yuck’s self-titled debut album was released on February 15, 2011, and featured the singles, ‘Rubber’, ‘Georgia’, ‘Holing Out’, ‘Get Away’, ‘The Wall’ and ‘Shook Down’. It was followed by ‘Glow & Behold’ (2013), ‘Southern Skies’ EP (2014) and ‘Stranger Things’ (2016).

In 2016, Yuck appeared on a tribute album dedicated to Elliott Smith.

‘Say Yes! A Tribute to Elliott Smith’ features 14 previously unheard covers of Elliott Smith songs, including ‘Ballad of Big Nothing,’ ‘Needle in the Hay’ and Good Will Hunting’s ‘Miss Misery’.