Yujeong leaves LABOUM, addresses departure with handwritten letter

However, the four remaining members of LABOUM have renewed their contracts

Yujeong has announced her departure from K-pop girl group LABOUM through a handwritten letter to fans.

The singer took to her personal Instagram on September 8 to announce her withdrawal from the K-pop group after seven years, where she also expressed her gratitude towards fans for their support. She also explained why she decided to leave the group, the sudden success of the group’s 2016 song ‘Journey To Atlantis’ earlier this year and the group’s future.

“I am writing because I have some news to share with everyone. For the fans who are cheering me on, I wanted to let them know directly [about my depature] rather than through a news article, so I’ve picked up my pen,” Yujeong wrote, as translated by Soompi.


She noted that the group are in their eighth year since debut and shared that their contract with agency Global H Media had expired. “Since March, I’ve been having lots of discussions with the agency over several months, and I constantly shared my thoughts with them. In the end, we decided that the agency and I would go our separate ways,” she added.

The now-former LABOUM leader also clarified that the remaining members of the group – Soyeon, ZN, Haein and Solbin – had opted to renew their contracts with Global H Media and will continue LABOUM as a quartet.

“There were many lonely and tiring times, and there were times that I didn’t take care of myself and felt that I couldn’t pull through, but I never regretted the path that I have walked until now,” the South Korean singer shared. Yujeong also gave special thanks to the group’s fanbase, Lattes, for “[cheering] us on without fail no matter what happened”.

LABOUM first made their debut in 2014 with single album ‘Petit Macaron’ in August that year. They went on to release two more extended plays, two studio albums and a handful of single albums throughout their now eight-year-career.


In related K-pop news, Wheein of MAMAMOO previously left her long-time label RBW Entertainment in June. While her official contract with the agency has ended, the idol had consented to an “extended agreement”, stipulating that she will continue to be a part of MAMAMOO until at least December 2023.