Yungblud debuts huge new track ‘Loner’

"I don't wanna be a loner..."

Yungblud has debuted his new track ‘Loner’ – and it’s one of his biggest anthems to date.

The new offering from Dominic Harrison is accompanied by a video that sees him returning home to Doncaster and performing at places that hold a special significance – including the venues where he played his first gigs and his nan’s house.

“I created this track because it’s a reflection of where I’m from and who I am. I wanted to invite my fans and people who might not know me yet into my front room and to have a cup of tea with them. I wanted to show them what Dom looks like going to get a glass of water at 2am,” said Harrison.


“At the end of the day, I needed to tell myself no matter what happens or how far this thing goes, that I am just a 21-year-old kid from the north of England who has been put in this position by his fans. If I ever forget that I’m in dangerous water.”

Explaining the video, he said: “We shot the video in my Nan’s house, with my mates from school and also in the venue I played my first shows in. The track reflects how alone I felt my whole life no matter how many people seemed to be around me. It reflects why I wake up when the sun is shining and get a knot in my stomach without actually knowing why.

“I was listening to so much 90s Britpop when I wrote it, and typical me, I wanted to add that into the mix of my sound but in a modern way with a fresh perspective. When producing it I wanted to take the size of the sound up by 5 gears.”

Meanwhile, Yungblud recently gave an update on his second album – and it’s thought to be taking on hip hop influences.