Yungblud on the sound of his next album: “I wanted it to be like an episode of ‘Skins'”

"It's this coming-of-age record — that don't mean growing up. You can come of age at 74. You can be like, ah man, I figured out what I am for the first time."

Yungblud has opened up on the sound of his next album, revealing that it takes influence from classic coming-of-age TV shows such as Skins and HBO’s Euphoria.

Speaking to MTV, the singer said that the shows are an accurate reflection of the “ideas of identity” that he will explore on his upcoming second album.

He explained: “This is a neat whisky album about life. I wanted it to be like an episode of Skins within an album. A series of Skins or Euphoria or Sex Education.


“It’s this coming-of-age record — that [doesn’t] mean growing up. You can come of age at 74. You can be like, ah man, I figured out what I am for the first time,” he said.

“But it legitimately explores the ideas of identity, of sexuality, of equality, of depression, of anxiety, of life, of love, of heartbreak, of everything. Me and my fan base, we’re coming of age together. I want to do it side by side.”

Opening up on how input from his own fans influenced the record, he added: “It’s about the stories they told me, I’m outside the shows every night, well I was, and I heard the most incredible stories from the most incredible people and I wanted this album to be a representation for the misrepresented.”

Asked about the release date, he added: “It’s coming out this fall.”

Earlier this month, Yungblud released ‘Lemonade’, his new collaboration with Denzel Curry. The track marks the first time that the two artists have worked together on a song.


Speaking about working with Curry, Yungblud said: “Denzel was the perfect fit because he is a true activist. His lyrics inspire me daily. He is an artist who is fighting for the same things as me: equality and inclusion across the fuckin’ planet.”

The track arrives after Yungblud shared ‘Strawberry Lipstick’ last month, which followed on from the pop-leaning cut ‘Weird’.

Speaking to NME ahead of the latter track’s April release, Dominic Harrison — AKA Yungblud — explained that he was about to enter “an era of optimism” with his new material.

“I’m not angry anymore,” he said. “The first album [2018’s ‘Yungblud’] was so angry and leading into the EP [2019’s ‘The Underrated Youth’] I got hopeful — and now I feel optimistic.”

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