Yungblud pays tribute to Louis Tomlinson’s sister Felicite: “I grew up with her and it’s so sad”

"She was a very special girl and a very big role model for women"

Yungblud has paid tribute to the sister of Louis Tomlinson‘s sister Felicite, after she died last week aged just 18.

The Instagram influencer and sister of the former One Direction singer is suspected to have died from a cardiac arrest.

Now Yungblud, real name Dominic Harrison, has spoken of how “supportive” she was when they knew each other back in their native Doncaster. She was also on the guestlist for his recent London Electric Ballroom show last week, which took place just two days after she died.


“She was a very special girl and a very big role model for women, I couldn’t believe it,” Yungblud told Metro. “It’s fucking so shit.”

He continued: “All I can say is she was taken too soon. She was from the same place that I was from so I just want to send all my love to the family. She went to school with my sister and was very close to one of my best friends, it was a bit of a shock.

“She came to support me before I was even Yungblud, she was so supportive. I grew up with her and it’s so sad.

Harrison added that Felicite’s friends celebrated her life when they came to visit him backstage in London last week.

“What was amazing was to see all our friend group pull close together for her because that’s what she would have wanted,” he said. “She always loved being around people and I’m the same way, I love being around people. ‘It would have been amazing for her to see.

“The girls came to my show and it was nothing but funny stories all night. That’s what matters and she’ll be in our hearts for a long time.”


Posting a photo of herself with Harrison on Instagram last year, Felicite wrote: “Known you for six years and watching you perform at Reading and the crowd knowing every word had me in tears.”

The siblings lost their mother to leukaemia in 2016. It was the subject of a new single by Louis released earlier this month, ‘Two Of Us‘.

Last week, a family source said: “Felicite was an absolutely adored young woman who was loved by Louis and her whole family. They are all totally devastated, as you can imagine. She had so many friends and was such a positive happy person. It’s a massive loss to the world. She was a loveable, caring, bright, passionate, popular and beautiful young lady.”