Yungblud teases new music by inviting fans to his ‘funeral’

He's also wiped all of his social media accounts

Yungblud has begun teasing a new era and forthcoming music, inviting fans to his ‘funeral’.

The Doncaster artist is working on the follow-up to his December 2020 studio album ‘Weird!’, which followed his 2018 debut ‘21st Century Liability’.

After wiping his social media accounts and profile pictures – a widely-used tactic with which to begin teasing new material and beginning a new era – Yungblud wrote: “and so it begins…” asking fans to RSVP to an event dubbed ‘funeral’.


“To whom this may concern,” a hand-written message began. “For those I let down I’m sorry, for those who let me down, fuck you but I forgive you.”

It concluded: “You are cordially and graciously invited to my funeral.”

See the posts below and you can RSVP to Yungblud’s ‘funeral’ here.

After previously telling NME that he had “album three and four done and ready to go”, Yungblud then elaborated further on his upcoming third LP in a new interview with Apple Music’s Hanuman Welch, saying that the new record features “the most personal music I’ve ever written”.

“I’ve been in London. I’ve been making kind of the third record, and I’m just so excited about it,” he said.


“This is, for me, the most personal music I’ve ever written. And I think people are going to be a bit shocked about that because all my other music is pretty personal.

Yungblud recently hinted that Miley Cyrus could feature on his next record, while he was pictured with Willow in London last December.

Yungblud. CREDIT: Matthew Baker/Getty Images.

The artist also recently cancelled forthcoming gigs in Ukraine and Russia. Posting on Twitter, Yungblud reiterated his support for the people of Ukraine after he shared a video last week saying he was “absolutely devastated” for the “beautiful people of Ukraine”.

In a statement Yungblud wrote: “I’m heartbroken to announce I will be cancelling my Russian shows scheduled for this summer.

“Heartbroken because I know the vicious and brutal acts of the Russian regime in Ukraine over the past week do not reflect the attitudes and ideals of the beautiful people who I have met in Russia in the past.”

He continued to address the people of Ukraine directly, writing: “A country I’ve spent time in and have dear friends in. My heart is with you – you’ve already shown such strength and determination, resisting this needless invasion.”

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