Yungblud teases new single ‘Lowlife’ at global fan events

Fans were invited to hear snippets of the new single at gatherings in London, Los Angeles and Germany

Yungblud teased a new single called ‘Lowlife’ this week at a series of fan events across the world.

Earlier this week, Dominic Harrison sent cryptic letters to fans with locations in London, Los Angeles and Germany, before posting the same directions on his social media accounts.

Yesterday (June 2), those who showed up were then greeted with a snippet of a new single from the singer, while Yungblud himself appeared at the German event, ahead of his set at the Rock Am Ring festival.


All the events also featured blacked-out cars with ‘Lowlife’ spray-painted on them.

See footage and photos from the events below, including audio of the new single captured by fans. The event will continue in London today (June 3).


The new single will follow Yungblud’s self-titled third album, which came out in late 2022. Reviewing the album upon its release, NME said: “It would have been easy for Yungblud to pull back from the spotlight after getting a battering online.

“Instead, he’s come back with his most confident, cohesive album, which sees him fighting hate with understanding and love. It’s a battle he knows he can win.”

Earlier this year, Yungblud headed out on his first UK arena tour in support of the album. Throughout the tour, he teamed up with the Show Support organisation, who offer mental health support for fans at the gigs.

“The aim is to provide a safe space for fans at shows, with access to qualified mental health professionals to help with any experiences related to panic attacks, anxiety, or other mental health related concerns,” a statement read. “Fans will be able to access this support before, during and after the shows.”

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