The DJ's hours are increased in a revamp we predicted here earlier this week...

RADIO 1 have confirmed the changed to their evening line-up which sees ZANE LOWE begin his show earlier in the day.

As previously reported, the station’s controller Andy Parfitt has said he is attempting to broaden the scope of the specialist shows on the station, hoping to appeal to more people.

Today (May 21) the station announced their full changes. Lowe, who presents an alternative music show, will start earlier, allowing him to “act as a bridge from daytime Radio 1 into the specialist night time line up”.

Lowe said: “It has always been my goal to do more than just preach to the converted. By giving me a new time slot that gets me more into the daytime I am going to become a music missionary for all those listeners who may not know how much exciting new music they are missing out on.”

Also, throughout the week, there will now be a series genre based nights of programming. These will include nights for rock, urban and dance. There will be new DJs hosting some shows, with other more established late night shows being brought forward.

The main changes, which will start in July, are:

Zane Lowe – Zane will now have four shows from Monday to Thursday. The new shows will begin at 7pm.

Mike Davies – Mike’s punk metal show ‘The Lock Up’ has now been brought forward to 9pm (previously 2am) as part of Tuesday night’s rock strand.

Bobby & Nihal – Their Asian beats show had been brought forward to 9pm (previously 3am) as part of Wednesday night’s urban strand.

Experimental – Every week day there will be a one hour show dedicated to showcasing the new and unusual from the worlds of music, comedy and art in a late night 3am slot.

Radio 1 controller Andy Parfitt said: “Radio 1’s remit is to break the best new music to the widest possible young audience.”