The DJ is set for a longer stint on the station as part of a shake-up...

RADIO 1 DJ ZANE LOWE is tipped to have his on-air hours doubled in a shake up of evening programming.

The station’s controller Andy Parfitt has said he is attempting to broaden the scope of the specialist shows on the station, hoping to appeal to more people.

He told The Independent newspaper: “All of those shows appeal to particular musical communities, I’m really pleased that they have credibility within these specific communities, but I think the job of Radio 1 – given that we are a national broadcaster – is that we can’t just preach to the converted.

“What I’m talking about is trying to arrange the universe of Radio 1 specialists in such a way that it matches people’s lifestyles and moods. Frankly, there will always be some compromises because there are a limited number of slots and everyone would like more time.”

According to the reports, Zane Lowe, who presents the alternative music show, will increase his hours on the station to 12 per week.