Zara Larsson calls out tabloid for ‘writing about her nipples’

She's responded brilliantly...

Zara Larsson has called out the Daily Star for ‘writing about her nipples’ in an online article.

The story was posted on the Daily Star’s official Twitter account, alongside the headline “Whoops! Braless @zaralarsson reveals intimate piercing on stage.”

Now, she’s responded in brilliant fashion – receiving over 50,000 retweets for her scathing response.


“Imagine going to school and get a degree, only to write about the fact that I have nipples lol”, she responded.

Singer Anne Marie was among those who defended Larsson, responding: “U look banging”.

“Do you think we could report on better things than what women are or are not wearing. Jesus wept!”, another said.

The original article was posted online last week, and bizarrely focused on how the singer’s nipple piercing was reportedly visible through a top that she wore during a gig in Portsmouth.

“Instead of concentrating on her vocal skills, the crowd seemed a little distracted over what was going on up top”, the article stated.


Earlier this year, Larsson also opened up about her battles with sleep paralysis.

“Oh my God, it’s scary! Basically, you wake up and you literally cannot move. Your brain is active, but your body is not yet awake”, she told the BBC.

“It’s weird. It lasts half a minute maybe – but it kind of feels like you’re trapped there for half an hour.

“I get it a lot when I’m stressed out, or when I have a lot of things going on.”