Zara Larsson says she’ll fire creative director following exchanges with Azealia Banks

Ryder Ripps appeared to suggest Larsson "should get fatter, and stop trying to be hot, just be a fat bitch" in messages posted to Instagram by Banks

Zara Larsson has been reported as saying she’ll fire her creative director Ryder Ripps after messages appearing to be between Ripps and his fiancee Azealia Banks insulting Larsson’s appearance were posted on Instagram by Banks.

In a series of Instagram Stories, Banks posted screengrabbed messages appearing to be from Ripps.

One message showed a photo of Larsson performing live, along with the message: “Zara Armsson.” Captioning the post, Banks wrote: “Ryder making fun of Zara Larsson’s arms again.”

Re-posting the message on her own Instagram, Larsson wrote: “Not Azealia Banks sharing a convo with my CREATIVE DIRECTOR Ryder making fun of my arms. Like I don’t pay his bills?”

In another series of messages posted to Instagram by Banks, a message attributed to Ripps said of Larsson: “I think z should get fatter, and stop trying to be hot, just be a fat bitch.”

Alongside that particular post, Larsson commented: “It’s not even about this specific convo specifically about me … it’s just tiring to always see women’s bodies being this ‘funny’ topic.

“Ya my arms are genetically bigger. That’s just what my body type is like and honestly it’s starting to get to me because people are constantly pointing it out like it’s a bad thing even though I can’t change it.”

In a final series of Instagram Stories, Larsson pleaded for people to “STOP commenting on other people’s bodies,” before suggesting Ripps was fired by writing: “so … who knows any good creative directors?”

Zara Larsson
Zara Larsson CREDIT: Michaela Quan

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