Zayn Malik opens up about eating disorder struggles when in One Direction

Singer discusses health in autobiography extract and new interview

Zayn Malik has spoken about his struggles with eating disorders when he was still in boy band One Direction.

The singer parted ways with the pop group in March 2015, but in an extract from his new autobiography, titled Zayn, he writes: “When I look back at the images of myself from around November 2014, before the final tour, I can see how ill I was,” going on to describe himself as suffering from an “eating disorder.”

In an interview with the Associated Press, Zayn adds: “I realised that I wasn’t eating as much just down to the amount of work that we were doing… our schedule was kind of crazy so we were all over the place”.


“It was just more down to losing track of, you know, actually eating and being super busy and getting caught up with other things that 17- or 18-year-olds do, which normally entails them going out, drinking or partying, so it was a mixture of everything,” he said.

Despite what he writes in the book, Malik downplayed his health struggles, telling AP: “I don’t think I ever had an eating disorder. I was never diagnosed with one of them.”

Malik continues to confirm that his health is better following his departure from 1D: “I’m a bit older and a bit more wiser.”

Zayn is out today via Penguin Random House.

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The first published excerpt from the book detailed how his solo career allowed the 23-year-old “to sing about a subject that I hadn’t really been able to go near while I was in One Direction: sex.”

Another revealed how Malik considers The Beatles to be an important influence on his own music.