Zayn Malik faces backlash after asking fans for charity donations

The singer urged his Twitter followers to help raise funds for his mum's best friend, who requires life-saving cancer treatment

Zayn Malik has encountered a backlash from a section of his fanbase after asking for help raising money for life-saving cancer treatment for his mother’s best friend.

The former One Direction singer put out the call on his Twitter account on Saturday (April 29), linking his 21.8 million followers to a GoFundMe page that had been set up in aid of his mother’s friend Ayesha Daniels. “This is my Mum’s best friend,” he wrote. “Please help in any way possible.”

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The page is aiming to raise £120,000 for Ayesha’s life-saving lung cancer treatment, which, as of today (May 2), has raised £14,815. However, some fans have criticised Malik’s public appeal, lambasting the singer for not footing the total cost of the medical bill himself.

“You’re the one with millions,” one fan replied to Malik’s original tweet appeal. “YOU help.” Another remarked: “Like I said, he could have completely paid for it he doesn’t need our help. He’s fithy rich.”

See a selection of the negative tweets below.

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Elsewhere, Malik is thought to be having a dispute with his recent collaborator PartyNextDoor. Despite the two working on Malik’s recent single ‘Still Got Time’, PartyNextDoor has removed all evidence of the collaboration from his social media, Spotify and Youtube channels.

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