Zedd will “move back to Germany” if Donald Trump becomes US President

Electronic producer the latest to speak out against presedential candidate

EDM artist Zedd has stated that he will leave the US if presidential candidate Donald Trump wins the election race.

Taking to Twitter, the German born electronic producer and DJ aired his views on the social media platform, saying he would leave the country if Trump were to succeed in the race for president.

Republican Donald Trump and Democrat Bernie Sanders were announced victorious in New Hampshire’s primary on Tuesday, the current residing state where the EDM star lives.

Zedd is latest artist to express opposition to the Republican party candidate, after releasing his last album ‘True Colours’ in May 2015.

Earlier today (February 11), The Rolling Stones distanced themselves from US Presidential candidate Donald Trump after it emerged that the Republican frontrunner has been playing their music at political events.

Trump’s campaign has included a number of controversies to date, including contention over the songs played at his rallies. A number of musicians have previously objected to Trump using their music at campaign rallies, including Adele, Neil Young, REM and Aerosmith.

The Daily Beast now reports that Trump has been using three of the Rolling Stones’ hits at his rallies: ‘You Can’t Always Get What You Want’, ‘Sympathy for the Devil’ and ‘Brown Sugar’. A representative for the group has stated that they had not approved this.

“The band was not asked for permission to use the songs,” spokeswoman Fran Curtis told The Daily Beast.


The band have voiced the opposition to Trump in the past. Last year, Keith Richards told Billboard: “Can you imagine President Trump? The worst nightmare. But we can’t say that. Because it could happen.”

Meanwhile, Johnny Depp plays Donald Trump in a new spoof biopic.

The film is named The Art Of The Deal after Trump’s 1987 book of the same name and sees Depp take on the lead role as the US Presidential candidate. Filmed in December last year, the film was edited in time to be released in time for this week’s primary in New Hampshire, which Trump won.