Zedd claims he was “permanently banned” from China after liking a ‘South Park’ tweet

The DJ's music, however, is still available for streaming in the country

EDM DJ and producer Zedd has claimed that he’s been “permanently banned” from China for recently liking a post from South Park’s official Twitter page. 

The German artist born Anton Zaslavski broke the news on Twitter last Friday (October 11), saying he’s “permanently banned from China because I liked a South Park tweet”.  


A representative from Zedd’s management confirmed the claim to CNBC in a statement. “This is true, yes, but we don’t have any more info to give you at this time,” said Adam Guest, a senior entertainment publicist at the UK-based agency SATELLITE414. However, CNBC verified that Zedd’s music is currently still available on Chinese streaming service QQ Music. 

While Zedd didn’t specify which South Park tweet apparently led to his travel ban, the DJ did like a post celebrating the animated series’ 300th episode on October 10. 

Last week, South Park was caught up in controversy after airing a new episode titled ‘Band In China’, which pokes fun at Hollywood, specifically the way television shows and movies are altered to pacify the Chinese government. While promoting the episode, the Comedy Central show also tweeted: “You gotta lower your ideals of freedom if you wanna suck on the warm teat of China.”

Following the broadcast, the Chinese government removed all episodes of South Park and any mention of the show from its internet, according to The Hollywood Reporter.


In response to the ban, South Park creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone offered an apology to China by jokingly pledging their allegiance to China’s Communist government. Like the NBA, we welcome the Chinese censors into our homes and into our hearts. We too love money more than freedom, they wrote in a Twitter statement.

Meanwhile, Zedd is currently on his Orbit tour. The DJ is set to play at London’s Printworks on November 7, followed by stops in Paris, Amsterdam, Berlin and Hamburg.

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