Zedd reignites his beef with Diplo on Twitter

Zedd has reignited his beef with Diplo on Twitter, after supporting a stinging attack on the American producer.

Posting on Twitter, Max Vangelis accused Diplo of not acknowledging him during a support slot in Hong Kong.

“Btw the biggest pussy dick in the game is @diplo I fly out to Hong Kong to support your pussy ass show and open for you and all you give me is “oh cool” and turn around and talk to another hoe with your Herpy Dick. Fuk off you clown ass bitch. Skrill left your ass for a reason”, Vangelis wrote on Twitter.


But while the attack attracted a huge response, the biggest of them all came from Diplo.

“100% truth”, Zedd replied.

In response, Diplo offered: “I’m gonna give @Zedd 24 hours to delete his Twitter account or im going full Pusha T on him.”

But he was more measured in his response to Diplo, and claimed that he hadn’t realise who he was.


“Sorry bro when you asked for my autograph in Hong Kong I honestly thought you were just a fan I didn’t know you had also played the show really early, my bad . Good luck with everything!”, he said.

The feud comes after the pair previously clashed in 2016 – with the argument igniting after Diplo hit out at Zedd for making a track in conjunction with M&Ms.

“It’s not all about the money”, he previously argued.