The 80s anti-pop star and the man who Bill drummond calls "the greatest rock star in the history of Western culture" releases 'Fucked By Rock' next month...

Eighties anti-pop star ZODIAC MINDWARP is set to publish his tell-all revelations ‘FUCKED BY ROCK’ through CREATION BOOKS on October 1.

Mindwarp, real name Mark Manning – a self-confessed acid casualty, has been described by longtime friend and The KLF founder Bill Drummond as “the greatest rock star in the history of Western culture”. He fronted The Love Reaction, scoring his biggest hit with ‘Prime Mover’. The band pushed an image of themselves as drug-driven, groupie obsessed swastika chic rockers, but at times lurched close to cartoonish self-parody.

The band will reform for a one-off show to coincide with the launch on October 6 at London’s Borderline.