Zoë Kravitz says Lily Allen “attacked” her with a kiss

The 'Fantastic Beasts' actress was asked about a claim Allen made in her recent autobiography

Zoë Kravitz has responded to a claim Lily Allen made in her recent autobiography about the pair of them kissing, with Kravitz saying that Allen instead “attacked” her with a kiss.

Kravitz, who will star in the upcoming Fantastic Beasts film The Crimes of Grindelwald, was asked during a recent appearance on Andy Cohen’s show Watch What Happens L!ve for her take on Allen’s claim in My Thoughts Exactly.

The excerpt in question from Allen’s book reads: “For my New York shows, Zoë Kravitz and her band Lolawolf supported me, so I got to know Zoë a bit. We became friends. Later in the tour, when we were in Washington, the girls and their nanny, Jess, came out to visit me for a few days, but I had to go back to New York for a day or so for work.


“Zoë and I went out partying and ended up kissing. I heard that later that same night she’d got down with A$AP Rocky. Go girl, I thought.”

Lily Allen

Returning to the present, a fan called in to Cohen’s show to directly ask Kravitz: “I wondered if Lily Allen warned you that she was going to write about the two of you kissing in her autobiography, and how did that came about?”

Kravitz initially responded with the dismissive question: “Who’s Lily Allen?”

“If by kissing she means, like, attacking then yes, she kissed me,” the actress continued. “She attacked me.” Asked if events went the way that Allen portrayed them in the book, Kravitz denied that narrative and added that it was portrayed “like I wanted it”.

Asked by Cohen if she’d read Allen’s book, Kravitz replied: “I don’t think anybody read the book.” Watch the full exchange below.


My Thoughts Exactly also saw Allen hit out at the “trolls and bullies” who hijack her social media to send hateful and abusive messages: “I don’t want to be silent. Women have been silenced for millennia.”

She also discusses her past relationship and feud with The Streets’ Mike Skinner – which resulted in one altercation between the two being broken up by her friends Kasabian.

Back in September, Kravitz was confirmed as the lead in an upcoming all-female reboot of High Fidelity.