Zola Jesus on her new album: ‘It felt like a deep cut’ – video

Singer also talks about how her creative process has moved on since last album

Zola Jesus has compared the process of making her new album ‘Conatus’ to “a deep cut – an open wound, starting to heal.”

Speaking to NME at Bestival the electro-goth singer also said that she had to change the way she wrote songs from 2010’s ‘Stridulum II’ to her forthcoming ‘Conatus’ album.

She said: “‘Conatus’ is a Latin term that mean to move forward or progress. I wanted this recorded to feel like a step forward in my creativity. In do that I knew I had to analyse my creativity and break thorugh that wall.”

The singer added that: “‘Stridulum II’ happened so quickly – I wanted to write a record that was ‘verse/chorus/verse/chorus’ because I’d never done that before. With [the new record] I wanted to bring back that experimental nature which I had previously in my music and mix that with ‘Stridulum II’, which was really well produced, and get back that sense of wonder.”

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