Zola Jesus: ‘Working on my new album is overwhelming’

Singer says she's getting stressed plotting the follow-up to 'Conatus'

Zola Jesus has said she feels “overwhelmed” trying to work on her new studio album.

The electro-goth songstress released her third LP ‘Conatus’ in September last year and, in an interview with Spinner, revealed she was finding it stressful not being able to work on new material due to her touring commitments.

The singer, real name Nika Roza Danilova, said:

I’m starting to feel a little overwhelmed with ideas. It’s been getting a little stressful knowing I still have so much touring to do when I feel my ideas are starting to fill me up.

She also said that the perception of her as being depressed or an antisocial loner was false, adding: “I think people get caught up in the preconception of who they think a figure is because they put out a record. That human quality might be forgotten about or overlooked, and you start to look at musicians for just what they’re putting out. I’m extremely dynamic, and anyone who truly knows me or even meets me for five minute will realize that.”

Previously, Jesus told NME that she had changed her songwriting approach for ‘Conatus’ following her 2010 album ‘Stridulum II’, revealing: “I wanted to bring back that experimental nature which I had previously in my music and mix that with ‘Stridulum II’, which was really well produced, and get back that sense of wonder.”

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