My Chemical Romance’s Gerard Way opens up about the “safety” of writing in character for ‘The Black Parade’

"I always saw the characters that I played as some aspect of myself turned up to 12”

My Chemical Romance frontman Gerard Way has opened up about the “safety” of writing in character for ‘The Black Parade.’

Speaking on the Carry the Fire podcast, Way said that writing in character on the band’s third, full-length album was “fun” and had been inspired by David Bowie‘s use of alter-egos and different personas.

Way explained: “I think there’s a bit of safety that comes with being a character. Obviously, I was looking up to my heroes when I was constructing that. I was looking at David Bowie, especially around ‘The Black Parade’.


“Early ‘Black Parade’ stuff was basically: ‘What if death had a rock band?’ and it obviously changed from that and we all became death in a way, the whole band.”

He added: “The character I was during ‘Black Parade’ was fun. In an entertaining way, there was this level of disdain you would have for your audience playing as ‘The Black Parade’ but it was, to me, a healthy kind because you were just playing really.

“I thought that was a fun aspect of that character. There’s a lot of you in the character. I always saw the characters that I played as some aspect of myself turned up to 12.”

In other news, activity on the social media pages of My Chemical Romance this evening (October 31) has led to speculation that the band could be about to announce something big – perhaps a reunion.


The emo icons have long been rumoured for a reunion since their split in 2013. Earlier this year, rumours of a comeback emerged when Joe Jonas claimed that MCR had been rehearsing in a studio next to them in New York. Guitarist Frank Iero then denied the claims, but said that “anything is possible” with regards to them reforming.

Now, it looks like something big could be about to happen. It started when the band changed their profile picture across social media to this enigmatic illustration of a candle – with fans growing wildly excited in the comments. Not only that, but the band have launched their first ever Instagram page.


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