NASA says ‘2012’ is ‘most unrealistic’ sci-fi movie ever

It is alleged that Roland Emmerich's movie promotes bad science

NASA and the Science and Entertainment Exchange have claimed that disaster epic 2012 is the most scientifically unrealistic film ever made.

Head of NASA‘s Near Earth Asteroid Rendezvous mission Donald Yeomans believes that Roland Emmerich‘s 2009 movie is an “exceptional and extraordinary” example of bad science in Hollywood.

Yeoman said that the movie “took advantage of public worries about the so-called end of the world”. The films plot revolves around the 2012 apocalypse scenario supposedly predicted by the Mayan calendar.

“The agency is getting so many questions from people terrified that the world is going to end in 2012 that we have had to put up a special website to challenge the myths,” Yeoman told The Times. “We’ve never had to do this before.”

According to the plot of 2012, neutrino particles brought to Earth via solar flares would massively increase the planet’s core, leading to rapid global destruction via earthquakes and other natural disasters.

Other films criticised by NASA for promoting bad science include Volcano, Armageddon, Chain Reaction and The 6th Day.

On a more positive note, NASA praised films including Blade Runner, Contact, Jurassic Park and Gattaca for their relative scientific realism.