The National’s Matt Berninger says tone of new album is “very dark”

Berninger has divulged new details about the band’s forthcoming album

The National’s Matt Berninger has revealed new details about the band’s forthcoming album, describing it as their darkest yet.

In an interview with Rolling Stone, Berninger said that the band were “deep” in process of working on their follow-up to 2013’s ‘Trouble Will Find Me’ but that it was unlikely to be finished soon.

The frontman said that the tone of the album is “really dark” and joked about the band’s melancholic reputation.


“I’m going very dark with the new National record, which is a place I love to go,” he said. “People have always described our music as dark and say it goes very melancholy, somber places. They haven’t heard anything yet! This next thing is crazy.”

Berninger went on to discuss the theme of the album, which centres on a failed marriage.

“It’s about marriage, and it’s about marriages falling apart,” he said. “I’m happily married, and but it’s hard, marriage is hard and my wife and I are writing the lyrics together about our own struggles and it’s difficult to write, but it’s saving my marriage. Not saving my marriage, my marriage is healthy, but it’s good for everything! And so it’s gonna be a strange record, and I’m crazy about it.”

The musician also offered his support for presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, saying: “She has many flaws. I’ve got so many flaws and I’m in love with myself. But I give myself a break. So I think she’s wonderful, especially the way she’s been handling what she’s been facing recently and with direct power, elegance.”

Last week, Berninger released an anti-Trump anthem from his side project El Vy, comprised of himself and Ramona Falls’ Brent Knopf.