Neil Gaiman’s ‘American Gods’ to be adapted by HBO

The cult icon's 2002 novel set to be made into TV series

Neil Gaiman‘s novel American Gods looks set to be adapted into a new series for HBO.

The channel behind The Wire and Boardwalk Empire is currently hyping its new series Game Of Thrones, and reports suggest it will be continuing down the fantasy route. reports that production company Playtone has brought the project to the channel, and the plan is for Gaiman himself to co-write the pilot with writer Robert Richardson.

Cult icon Gaiman also wrote Stardust and Coraline. Published in 2002, American Gods pits an epic battle between two sets of gods. One consists of traditional gods and mythological people who draw their power from people’s belief in them. They begin to lose their power as people’s belief wanes, and are under threat from a new set of gods who reflect America’s preoccupation with technology, celebrity, media and drugs.

Gaiman is showing a new interest in scriptwriting. He has written a new episode of Doctor Who, mysteriously-titled The Doctor’s Wife, which airs next month