Netflix to crack down on password sharing

But don't worry, apparently it'll be in a "consumer-friendly way"

Netflix are reportedly set to crack down on the sharing of passwords for the streaming service.

The service has said it’s trying to implement rules, but in a “consumer-friendly way”.

In a new interview discussing their Q3 2019 earnings, which you can watch below, the service announced that it was keeping an eye on password sharing, and looking to crack down on the practice.


For now, the number of devices that a Netflix account can stream on are limited, but passwords are able to be shared infinitely.

It’s not clear yet how or when a crackdown might start to appear, but it seems like the streaming service are intent on making something change.

Yesterday, it was revealed that season 3 of Stranger Things is the most popular series of the show ever to hit Netflix.

According to a letter Netflix sent shareholders on Wednesday (October 16), 64 million households viewed the third season of Stranger Things in its first four weeks on the platform, making it “the most-watched season to date”.


The latest series set to hit the streaming service is an animated reboot of cult comic book series Bone, which is set to start production soon.

Back in July, Netflix reportedly lost billions off its value after losing key shows including Friends and The Office.

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